History of the Love of GodLATEST RELEASE The History of the Love of God
Gwen Shamblin’s highly anticipated 400+-page hardback book History of the Love of God, Volume II: A Love More Ancient Than Time will forever change your perspective on how you parent, who you are in the workplace, how you approach food and how you treat your spouse and loved ones.

The Legend To The TreasureThe Tablet
Filled with answers for pain and struggles associated with overweight and addictions. Clearly written chapters with Heavenly wisdom on health issues, weight loss, spiritual yearning and emptiness, help for families with addicts and more. Also available in Ebook as a searchable, hyperlinked resource.

Rise AboveRise Above
The follow-up to The Weigh Down Diet, teaches you the desire to ever overeat again and discover great willpower through God! No matter what your age, no matter what your size, no matter what your means of control has been – whether dieting, exercising to keep the weight off, bulimia, anorexia, or even if you have just flat given up self-control, this book is for you.

The Legend to the TreasureThe Legend To The Treasure
This is a comprehensive look at where we are and where we are going: this country, the world, and the church. It is also an in-depth study of our own compass headings and direction. Most of us need to change and turn our ships around-quickly.

History Of The One True God - Volume 1: The Origin Of Good And Evil History Of The One True God – Volume 1: The Origin Of Good And Evil
As stated in the book’s preface, author Gwen Shamblin explains that “the intent of this book was to chronicle history from the ongoing Spiritual War of the Heavens with Satan, to the earthly war of lies on Adam and Eve, to the establishment of Jerusalem. The book continues with a brief overview of church and religious history to the present religious state of America.”

The Weigh Down DietThe Weigh Down Diet
The Pionner of Faith-Based Weight loss. Gwen Shamblin’s original groundbreaking New York Times best seller approach to weight loss on how to remove the irresistible desire to overeat. Giving hope and help to millions who had failed on conventional diets and guiding them to a richer nourishment that comes not from food but from faith, this book started a historical revolution in the faith and diet community.

Foxe's Book of MartyrsEXODUS Devotional: The True Vine
The “EXODUS Devotional: The True Vine” is a 144-page, hard-bound devotional book filled with daily doses of Truth and spaces to journal as well. A powerful resource in the hands of a Saint who wants nothing more than to give God everything- every day-every hour.

The Exodus Devotional - Laying Down Your IdolsEXODUS Devotional – Laying Down Your Idols
This devotional book is packed with strong conviction and encouragement that will lead you out of bondage and straight to the Father! Filled with scripture and love for the Father, this yearly journal will be a useful tool as you submit your life to the Creator each day.

Foxe's Book of MartyrsFoxe’s Book of Martyrs
Introduction by Gwen Shamblin. Martyrs are discussed all throughout the Bible. This book covers those who lived in the fourteenth through sixteenth centuries and chronicles the men and women who valued the Truth about God above their own short life. Let us use their inspiring stories to help us put everything into perspective as we face our own daily challenges of obedience and dying to our wills.

Seek Ye First NotepadSeek Ye First Notepad
This practically designed TO-DO list notepad will help you prioritize your day while keeping you focused on God’s priorities throughout your entire day!

A to ZionA to Zion
A wonderfully colorful and innovative alphabet book, inspiring children from a very young age to know God and how He is everything! Best-selling author Gwen Shamblin brilliantly utilizes each letter of the alphabet to introduce children to the Biblical “greats,” including Abraham, David, Queen Esther and Jesus Christ.

The Exodus Devotional - Laying Down Your IdolsIn the Beginning
An inspirational children’s book beautifully depicting Genesis chapter one, the creation of the world. Written for elementary-age children, however, beloved by all ages, this book will point the whole family up to God as you enjoy reading together.

The Garden of EdenThe Garden of Eden
Is an inspirational and educational children’s book depicting the powerful lesson of the story of Adam and Eve and the battle of good versus evil as it is told in Genesis Chapters Two and Three.

Children's Treasure Devotional Workbook for gradeschoolersChildren’s Treasure Devotional Workbook for gradeschoolers
Involve your whole family in your search for the treasure. This fun but very powerful children’s log takes your grade-schooler through the 16 weeks of The Legend to the Treasure Series right along with you. With over 50 pages of lessons, crosswords puzzles, word searches, insightful questions – you will be able to spend quality devotional time with them and bring them in to what you are learning through this powerful series.