To Focus on Christ…

History of the Love of God
Single-Focused Love
December 15, 2017
History of the Love of God
A Childlike Love
January 5, 2018

Jesus’ life and example is beyond any example that has ever walked the face of the Earth. It is called…perfect. Jesus sacrificially showed us true salvation, the True Church and a true path out of self to a whole new world that centered around The Father. Jesus is pure, white light. He is Love. To focus on Christ is a joy. His whole life was admirable. It was one unbroken continuum of selflessness to the service and the glory of God Almighty, for the glory of love and the eternal welfare of his brothers and his sisters—to all mankind. When this beam of white light of Christ passes thru the prism, the optical window, it disperses into a spectrum of light waves broken down that would be a collection of virtues and graces, kindness and love that would outshine any rainbow in the sky. What is this light made of? It is the spotless purity of selflessness and sinlessness. He totally encompasses the definition of Love and displays the definition of grace in every characteristic that is positive and desirable.