History Of The Love Of God

History of the Love of GodGwen Shamblin, New York Times best-selling author of The Weigh Down Diet and the founder of Weigh Down Ministries releases the highly anticipated 400+-page hardback book History of the Love of God, Volume II: A Love More Ancient Than Time that will change your perspective on life and your purpose forever and will affect how you parent, who you are in the workplace, and how you treat your spouse and loved ones.

During the book’s pre-release, a select group was asked to help review and edit the book. So many personal testimonies from this group poured into Gwen’s personal phone and the office that this webpage was set up to chronicle these testimonies. We hope you enjoy reading these testimonies and, as you read the book, you post your own experience and changes.

Our prayer is that through this book, you will feel and realize a love for God which is so deep it changes the very motive of your heart.  Imagine walking through difficult relationship situations, reviving marriages that seem over, overcoming work challenges, losing the desire to overeat, overspend, over drink or over medicate, and solving seemingly insurmountable parenting issues with God’s perspective…with love.

From the Bible, we know that God commands us to love Him first, then love our neighbor as ourselves…but what does this really mean and how do we apply it in our lives? Penned from Gwen’s own experience and decades of teaching seekers how to have a relationship with the Father, this book is a beautiful and inspiring writing that starts with a history of God’s love for man and mankind’s appropriate love back to the Father, then explains how this True Love can overflow into love for those around you (even the unlovable)! A Love More Ancient Than Time will move your heart to a deeper true love for God, a greater appreciation for Christ and more compassion for your fellow man!
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