Putting God’s Will Into Practice

History of the Love of God
A Foundation of Love
February 17, 2017
History of the Love of God
Do You Love ALL Your Brothers and Sisters in Christ?
March 3, 2017

Putting God’s precious, hard-to-come-by will into practice is the key that opens the door to let God’s Spirit come in. Have you noticed that when you eat less food you want less food—it is proof that you have to obey first. Eat less and then you will want less. Eat more and you will want more until He lets you have your way, removes His Spirit and you are given over to indulgence. Dieting and man-made restrictions have no value in restraining your selfish indulgence because there is “all you can eat” with no denial. Avoid denial and you will want more. Restrain yourself until hungry and then God will give you His Spirit of control to want less. That is how to be born again with a new in-control life. When you are born again with denial, you cannot help but love God more for it!