A Foundation of Love

History of the Love of God
Putting God’s Will Into Practice
March 23, 2018
History of the Love of God
The Real Dilemma
April 6, 2018

Why is the foundational subflooring of the Church built on love of others second after a love of God first? Why does God want this love to build the walls of Zion? It is rational and sensible as well as far-sighted by God…just think about what you want. Do you not appreciate it when others notice your children or do something thoughtful for your children, especially when they are in need? Godly people naturally prioritize and adore their children—they are the apple of your eye! And when someone takes interest in what you adore, it makes you feel close to them because you now have a similar interest, something in common. Now, think how God feels when you help His needy lambs out…you now share the same interest or have something in common with God! The reason God builds with these foundations is unity. Your interest beyond yourself glues the church together. All other man-made church manuals on growth may work temporarily but if it is not built on the foundation of genuine love, the church is just temporary walls (each person represents a thin wall) that will be blown away in the wind. This grounding makes for hurricane proof walls that will stay grounded in the storms…