A Heart Filled with Love

History of the Love of God
Love is the Foundation of Transformation
March 2, 2018
History of the Love of God
Putting God’s Will Into Practice
March 23, 2018

Love is a legitimate solution that ends so much suffering that a human can migrate toward inexpressible joy, which of course ends man-on-man crime. It is essential to know that the Genius God created the empty spot in the heart so that He could fill it. But why is He even wanting to fill an empty hole in the heart that He created? It is so He can fill it with love. Why would God do such a thing? Here is the answer: how do you feel when you adore someone? It is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Likewise, hate is the most miserable, disheartening and depressing feeling in the world. It stands to reason that if man recoils from pain, how much more so would the God of the Universe desire to separate out good from evil, love from hate, self-evaluation from projection and judgmentalness—with no in-between….