A Priceless Focus

History of the Love of God
The Power and the Source of Love
January 19, 2018
History of the Love of God
Open Your Heart
February 2, 2018

We know, above all things, no matter what comes at us, that God is sovereign and supreme. The condition is love Him first. God is the Authority, and what He wants is our priority. Therefore, His Words and Laws were founded to put Him first. That was all He ever asked for. It says put Him first and it means love Him first. I live by these words and meditate on these priceless words in the Bible, for they are gold to me, and they have brought me to a life of peace with God and with man as I put them into practice. This is all an Ancient Love from Ancient Commands that transform you beyond a Harvard or Oxford graduate into an interplanetary, galaxy-level graduate competing now with Ancient Angelic Beings.