A Superior Purpose

History of the Love of God
The Perfect Menu for a Healthy Heart
June 15, 2018
History of the Love of God
God’s Government, His Kingdom of Love
June 29, 2018

After counseling for close to 40 years, I am even more convinced that our situation is from God and that it is love and genius at the same time. It is all designed by God. He has set up every single setting, every single situation, and He wants you to exchange your character for His character in a short lifetime—so He is in a hurry to stir these new ingredients into the mixture of the heart, and He must bake at a higher temperature and more quickly. Real porcelain has to be baked at a very high temperature. Stoneware baked at a lower temperature is much more fragile; it breaks and chips. The porcelain fire is quick and it is much hotter, but it is for a superior purpose—for noble use…