Biological Feedback

The Legend to the Treasure by Gwen Shamblin
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January 23, 2015
A Genuine and Deep Love for God
February 6, 2015

Rise Above by Gwen ShamblinWhen you get your volume in line with the will of God through His hunger and fullness, then you can fine-tune your nutritional status by learning to be still and to listen to what your body is calling for. I do not believe that you can make many mistakes here because the body has such a strong drive to get a variety of foods. Even the most out of touch to what the body wants people will not eat what they had for breakfast again for lunch and what they had for lunch again for supper and will complain when leftovers are offered. In other words, they are in touch with the body’s biological feedback enough to eat a variety even within a twenty-four-hour period. This guarantees a spectrum of nutrients because your body cues you to an assortment of foods