The Super Community of Pure Love

History of the Love of God
True Love is No Little Gift
September 22, 2017
History of the Love of God
Who Do You Want To Be With?
October 13, 2017

Love is a legitimate solution that ends so much suffering that a human can migrate toward inexpressible joy, which of course ends man-on-man crime. It is essential to know that the Genius God created the empty spot in the heart so that He could fill it. But why is He even wanting to fill an empty hole in the heart that He created? It is so He can fill it with love. Why would God do such a thing? Here is the answer: how do you feel when you adore someone? It is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Likewise, hate is the most miserable, disheartening and depressing feeling in the world. It stands to reason that if man recoils from pain, how much more so would the God of the Universe desire to separate out good from evil, love from hate, self-evaluation from projection and judgmentalness—with no in-between.

Not only is He separating out love with all of its glorious components and hate with all of its miser-able components of judgmentalness, pride, debauchery, lust and greed, but God is taking the love and building a Super Community consisting of Pure Love that will be way beyond our imaginings and more formidable than any nation known to man. Think about this: God is building a Kingdom based on Pure Love—the most powerful, influential substance in the world. But more importantly, He is separating out the beautiful, positive, warm, endearing and delightful emotions that feel best, and severing them from the worst hateful emotions in the world.

God is preparing a castle of love for each of us who choose this love and righteous life with Him! Here is a most foundational Truth…the eternal purpose/plan of God: God is separating love from hate and building a Kingdom of Love, so that His Kingdom can come on Earth as it is in Heaven, according to Jesus’ prayer. He will destroy hate in the end and leave only love behind, so it is what is in your heart and soul and mind that matters. What have you filled this empty hole with?

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