Does God Really Want to be with Man?

History of the Love of God
Forgive AND Forget
September 14, 2018
History of the Love of God
Appreciation for God
December 7, 2018

History of the Love of GodEven though you see the world floundering in its explanation of the purpose of life or religious doctrine, God thru creation has clearly expressed His overall purpose of loving involvement into the life of every man, woman and child. When you come to the same conclusion and join the True Religion of Love, it is impossible not to be struck with how incredibly generous God is to even extend such an opportunity to mortals. A life forever with the best emotions continuously is exhilarating to think about. Does God really want to be with man? In most societies, you see a gap in community when it comes to social status, with a distinct line that is not to be crossed. Upon contemplation, it is nearly implausible that a powerful Creator would even want to bother with us when there is such a socio-economic disparity between God and man, Heaven and Earth. Intellectual, social and economic inequalities naturally lead to distrust, and therefore with such an enormous wealth and income inequality gap, the average human would say that it is preposterous to believe that such a genius, rich and powerful Being would actually pursue a personal relationship with the poor, powerless and lowly mankind. Satan capitalizes on that thought so he can separate you from God. That is nonsense for the simpletons. So both the “Love” doctrine and the “personal relationship with God” doctrine are for the simple-minded, and the puffed-up knowledge/theological doctrine and the deist doctrine is for the intellectuals.

I have witnessed both doctrines and this progression leads to deism and back to intellectual religion, or no religion. There is something about “belief” that builds the Love Religion…faith in a good God.

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