Expressing Agape Love

History of the Love of God
Changing Swords into Plowshares
October 20, 2017
History of the Love of God
True, Deep, Selfless Agape Love…
November 3, 2017

You have read of Martyrs who have given up their life for the Truth of Jesus and his Church. Yet, most of us feel Agape Love is not something we will ever have to face, too lofty of an ideal—or an accomplishment to admire but in which we will never have to engage.

But I want you to think…many of you have expressed this type of love, and you do not even know that you have done it. For example, you have forfeited a life you could have had as you have moved to be closer to the Saints. You have forfeited your relaxation, your ease, your luxury, or your time to refresh a prisoner, traveled to refresh a Saint’s life, to evangelize, to help others physically and spiritually. Giving up in the small ways has added up to big things…helping the hurting who are trying to find their way back home out of a sea of selfishness, all the scattered lambs all over the world. Your self-sacrificial Love is their cup of cold water.