The Fruit of Humble Love

A Beautiful Clear Religion
August 24, 2018
History of the Love of God
Forgive AND Forget
September 14, 2018

LoveBook2The vital secret is this—you cannot control anyone else’s behavior but your own. We cannot stop difficult and challenging testing, but we do have control over the way we react in situations, and this love takes your time and your money, your cheek, your cloak and coat as well. The problem with defensiveness or resorting to feeling victimized is that you cede the power to influence or be a light for the Kingdom of Love. Ultimately, you will see the good of this testing. The complete imitation of Jesus Christ is a study of a Spiritual University that takes more time, effort and concentration than any other curriculum, discipline or degree in any university in the world. A large part of this study is to love the unlovely. Therefore, if you have studied God and Christ enough to imitate their genius sacrificial love—you really know God and Christ and you really know fruitful, Heaven-sent Love. In the end, the fruit of Humble Love is that you love God more than you would, had you not been exposed to this university of the insufferable and you are totally transformed. This section was written so that you know you are not alone in your sufferings. But in the end of this testing, you will see that this was all a setup just for you…though you thought you were the one loving the unlovely, in actuality you are the one that is becoming more lovely.

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