God’s Government, His Kingdom of Love

History of the Love of God
A Superior Purpose
June 22, 2018
History of the Love of God
How to Stay Encouraged
July 6, 2018

Notice there is an obvious void of talking about any government with Jesus except God’s Government. God’s Kingdom of Love supersedes all rules, all boundaries, all governments, all races, all religions, all differences. Christ has taught us not to recoil from those who are hard to love, but rather to dig deeper and love more selflessly, to give the widow’s mite.  When you protect yourself more, you lose more protection, but when you give more, you get more!  When you love humans even when hate is returned, you can feel the approval from the Heavens and even more answered prayers. There is great peace in not having to correct those who have wronged you, and the fact is that God’s correction and revenge is infinitely more effective for their salvation. I have watched Him, and He keeps His word; God takes care of you when you have been falsely accused, when you have been hurt, when unnecessary things were said but you turned right back around and loved with everything you had.