Holiday Meals

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December 13, 2013

What about holiday meals? It is Thanksgiving, and you fear you will not get this kind of food again for a whole year! That is simply not true. Who says you cannot buy a turkey and cook it on a different day than Thanksgiving? You can even cook one in July! Or, even better, go to a cafeteria-style restaurant and order some. They serve chicken and dressing or turkey and dressing all year long! What law states you have to eat wedding cake at a reception because you might not get any for a long time? A bakery would be happy to bake a cake for you to take home and eat a slice each time you are hungry! You may become sick of it before it is all gone. What about Aunt Tillie’s cherry salad on Christmas Day? Now, you know you get that only once a year. Ask for the recipe. She will probably be flattered, and then you can make it as often as you like. There is no food and no occasion that should cause you to eat outside of the context of hunger! God knows your favorites. Be a little more patient and let Him indulge you with them under His rules: hunger and fullness. And do not be afraid that God’s watch is broken or that He has forgotten about you. He is very attentive!