Relearning How to Feed the Stomach

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August 1, 2014
Waiting for Stomach Hunger
August 15, 2014
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Relearning How to Feed the Stomach

Weigh Down Diet Book by Gwen Shamblin

To relearn how to feed the stomach, you first need to wait for true stomach hunger. The stomach is a pouch made out of three layers of muscle, and it is located right below your sternum bone—the bone that is broken open in heart bypass operations.

This feeling of true stomach hunger we are looking for is a little burning, empty, hollow sensation that occurs several hours after the last feeding (or many hours after the last binge!). It is a very tiny, polite feeling, and I have known novices in Weigh Down  seminars to pass it by or mistake it for indigestion!

You can pray to God to help you recognize true physiological hunger. You will discover that His prodding is normally gentle. He is trying to wake us up to His leading rather than dictate to us.