Love Is Not Self-Seeking

History of the Love of God
The Compassion of Christ
June 23, 2017
Love is the Summum Bonum
July 7, 2017

At the opposite end of the poles of focus, unselfish compassion is the most mature state of love and probably the one that hurts the most. Selfless Love makes more headway for the Kingdom than any other sub-component. It is so ironic that the act of selflessness actually brings more triumph, emanates and radiates more LIFE, while the greedy and tight-fisted barely scrape by in life—or at least in their own eyes they are impoverished. Selflessness is a trait that can house and disperse more of the Holy, healing Spirit of God—it can take those who are almost suicidal and revitalize them. Selflessness is by far the study that will not be totally realized until we all face death and walk thru that door. But we must take this task to hand if we are to achieve the superior, for…love is not self-seeking.

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