Non-Threatening, Long-Suffering Love

History of the Love of God
It is all about…LOVE
November 17, 2017
History of the Love of God
The Bond of Unity
December 1, 2017

Do not take insults or persecution personally. Accept and expect favor from God and the righteous Saints—but not from the world. There is no way to end defensiveness if you do not master this. Now satan’s goal is to destroy your relationships, whether this is a co-worker, boss, spouse, child, father, mother-in-law—but with total non-threatening, long-suffering love, this does not have to happen. What helps you to give Love for hate is to see that this is not flesh and blood but rather satan fighting against the Saints.   This dark world attack is allowed by God for your training, and the quicker you realize that you are a soldier in a spiritual war zone, the more bullets you will dodge. If you do not learn quickly, you might be extinguished before you know how to extinguish SATAN’S flaming arrows! Quickly learn the difference between satan’s insults and true sin so you can withstand these condemning tests. How do you know it is a spiritual test? Once the mocker is accustomed to insulting you, they will not even remember and will turn right back around and act like nothing ever happened. The test is set up all over again and again until you master it. You cannot fault a pawn being used to play this role for your refinement. Pray for them and have empathy for them, but open your eyes to the training for the supernatural world.


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