The Offering of a Sacred Covenant

God Fearing Families - Volume Three of the History of the One True God Series by Gwen Shamblin
The Foundation of a Godly Family
December 28, 2018

LoveBook2 We need to praise God for His perfect templates for how to live and love…namely prototypes of father to son, mother to children, children to parents, husband to wife, etc. In marriages, for example, God has the groom and bride exchange vows. This template is parallel to the vows offered on Mount Sinai to the children of Israel. Another word for these vows is…“sacred covenant,” a binding agreement or contract between two parties. It takes two parties to establish a contract—one offers their heart and words, one responds with heart and words, and both respond with actions. In other words, a covenant between the couple is not just words on a sheet of paper but the actions to back it up, otherwise this offer could be cancelled or annulled. For example, if just one of the parties involved becomes unfaithful, the covenant is broken and thus the visual picture of Moses breaking the vows (the stone tablets) when God’s loved ones turned to idols and away from Him.

What are we going to do with this offer? What happens when we reject the ring and the offer to be married? What happens when we spurn God’s Love?

You are at a crossroads if you are not “All In” nor ready to give your full time, attention, passion, strength, love and heart to the Creator. It is an abomination that man is more ready to commit to a mortal than to the Immortal…the powerful, all-knowing God of the Universe! Why will someone exchange vows to a human for a lifetime and be faithful until death parts them but not commit the same vows for a lifetime to God—the only Being to whom you owe everything?


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