Sin Affects Everything

Rise Above by Gwen Shamblin
True Repentence and the Fruit of the Spirit
March 13, 2015
You Have Been Set Free
April 3, 2015

Sin affects everything. We have lower SAT scores, which affects businesses and productivity, and this all affects the Gross National Product. We lose precious jobs to overseas, which creates more poverty and lower income neighborhoods—while the government continues to become larger. When there is a void of God’s Spirit, creativity levels are affected. The best minds are not used for the advancement of society. The society becomes the tail and not the head. The results of sin are weakened, sick churches that are falling asleep. This is called the “dark ages.” Even though there is still the obligatory attendance at church, the pews are vacant, unoccupied, bare, desolate, deserted, and abandoned of the powerful Spirit of God. They are abandoned of the Spirit of God yet they are full of lust. The people are full of their desires, not full of the will of God, and therefore empty; their world is crumbling to pieces. With sin inside the walls of the sanctuary, religion has been up for grabs by every scalawag and religious pirate who robs the lambs of their money while leaving them with no treasures from Heaven.