June 1, 2019

The Offering of a Sacred Covenant

We need to praise God for His perfect templates for how to live and love…namely prototypes of father to son, mother to children, children to parents, […]
November 7, 2018
History of the Love of God

Does God Really Want to be with Man?

Even though you see the world floundering in its explanation of the purpose of life or religious doctrine, God thru creation has clearly expressed His overall […]
August 31, 2018

The Fruit of Humble Love

The vital secret is this—you cannot control anyone else’s behavior but your own. We cannot stop difficult and challenging testing, but we do have control over […]
June 29, 2018
History of the Love of God

God’s Government, His Kingdom of Love

Notice there is an obvious void of talking about any government with Jesus except God’s Government. God’s Kingdom of Love supersedes all rules, all boundaries, all […]
June 8, 2018
History of the Love of God

A Question to Ask Yourself Every Day

May I ask you an important question that should not be dropped and one that should be asked every day until you meet your Maker…have you […]
May 25, 2018
History of the Love of God

Giving Your Cloak

How do you just turn off the defensive mode and then give the coat and cloak off your back as it says in Matthew 5:40?