The Greatest Pursuit of All

Love is the Summum Bonum
July 7, 2017
Wholehearted Forgiveness
July 28, 2017

LoveBook2There is faith in God and there is hope for God, but I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that the greatest pursuit of all things, the superior way, the most excellent way—not for praise of man, not heart-less, philanthropic deeds done nor “deeds” inspired by satan—but the most excellent way is True Love with good words and deeds in-spired by God with the right motives, which is love for God and His Kingdom of Love. True Love will never fail. Why? This is actually not complicated but rather His proof text that Love is the greatest of all pursuits on Earth and here is why: faith and hope are needed on Earth, but when you get to Heaven—faith and hope are things that are no longer needed since you see God face to face—the invisible is visible, no hoping, because you have arrived and you can touch and see for yourself. What is left? It is Love—Love is the one thing that you will be using in Heaven. It is the only thing you will need to take with you. You are not saved by faith alone; faith helps you to True Love. With faith (your mind) alone, you would have missed the heart of the matter of the purpose of the Creator with creation. You would have gained nothing on this one time passing thru this Earth. You would have accomplished nothing because the only terminals (spirits) that survive are those connected to the Mainframe Computer, and the only way to connect is to build Love with God; Love is the only connecting device.

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