The Only Victory You Need

A Cup of Cold Water
August 11, 2017
The Strategic Definition of the Word Love
September 15, 2017

LoveBook2This life is not about man-against-man. This approach to success will not alleviate your fears, and few win in this war. The failure and lack of acceptance and painful rejection will only wind up making one more afraid and insecure, which leads to an endless cycle of increasing distrust, then hate toward your fellow man, who seems to be your competition and your reason for failure.

The life in the Kingdom of Love on God’s Holy Mountain has a different perspective. In this Kingdom, the only right and the only victory should be: first, a Connection with God thru Jesus Christ, and then, a life of helping others using their gifts. Then—and only then—will your fellow man be a fellow sojourner there to lighten your burdens. Think about this obtainable, successful and blessed goal—only to love God and to love our brother as ourselves.

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