The Power and the Source of Love

History of the Love of God
Storing Up Treasures
January 12, 2018
History of the Love of God
A Priceless Focus
January 26, 2018

Love affects mankind in a positive way more than any other force on the planet, and yet it remains a mystery as to how to generate it and disseminate it. It is not like electricity that can be engineered, stored and then sent thru wires to an outlet to light up a room. It is not like a battery that can harness energy to be used later. It is not like fuel that can, via an energy converter, release power and be used in mechanical energy or kinetic energy, moving wheels and gears with heat that splits molecules apart, releasing energy. Combustion releases huge amounts of energy. When you sit near a fireplace warming yourself, you are soaking up energy produced by billions of molecules that crackle upon splitting apart. But love is more powerful than billions of molecules splitting. It is not like solar energy that can travel for millions of light years and then be captured and translated into power. Love originates from The Source Of All Love…