Two Choices

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August 29, 2014
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September 12, 2014
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Two Choices

Weigh Down Diet Book by Gwen Shamblin

A passion for food leads to overeating. Overeating leads to overweight. Overweight leads to dieting. Dieting does not address your misplaced passion, and deprivation while on this diet explodes in a binge. The ensuing guilt can take you in two directions:

1.     You can repent (turn back to God), ask for His help, and simply wait until your body empties again. You may feel too full, and it may take a while before you feel hunger again, but do not worry—you will be fine. You must practice being dependent on God. If you call out to God, He can give you the peace you need and the control feeling you are looking for—with no guilt. In other words, God can make you feel better than purging.

2.     Or you can bypass God, try by your own power to correct the mess you have made, and take the purging route. This second option is obviously never-ending because it does not address or uproot the lust for food.

The way to end the entire cycle is to transfer your passion for food to passion for God