What Causes Fights?

History of the Love of God
Having Mercy in our Hearts
April 28, 2017
History of the Love of God
It is in the Heart
June 9, 2017

Why does the world allure and tempt mankind? Perhaps the desire to control and the competitive nature in your life lures you in. You cannot gaze into your spouse’s eyes and find fulfillment. You cannot stare into your children’s eyes or grandchildren’s eyes and expect for them to idolize you back. You cannot look into your boss’s eyes and try to get that approval. You cannot get it from the esteem of men, family, in-laws, friends. You cannot fill up your heart with praise for your talents, work, looks or occupation. The only Being that you can get this True Love from is The Lord God Almighty. It is The Great I Am, who, in truth, is jealous for you, for His name is Jealous…

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