The Family Unit – It Starts with YOU!

History of the Love of God
Appreciation for God
December 7, 2018
History of the Love of God
To Focus on Christ…
December 22, 2018

Do we all not long for the examples of love, affection, respect, gentleness, companionship, humor and family unity with an atmosphere of building one another up? Can the miracle of this transformation happen within your family? The answer is yes—but it must start with the foundation of you. It only takes one family member committing to fearing God and being concerned for God’s reputation. You must accept this responsibility and then change your behaviors, functions and roles into what God has chosen you to become. If He made you a man, then it is the loving husband and head of the household. If He made you a woman, then it is the gentle, submissive wife. Why does the husband shirk his responsibility in exchange for peace or approval of man? Why does the wife want to play ruler of the household, telling everyone what to do? Why do people resent how their Maker has made them and the role that comes with each fantastical position? If you think your God-given role is mundane, no doubt the cat or the dog would love to trade places with you. How could we ask for more if we have been created and made in God’s image—made by choice to share eternity? What an honor!


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