A Beautiful Clear Religion

The Bond of True Love
August 17, 2018
The Fruit of Humble Love
August 31, 2018

LoveBook2 By far, above all, the most important command, the supreme concept, the most awe-inspiring and life-changing precept is…to love God first, then man second. It is so powerful that it would place a lost soul back on The Path and not far from the Kingdom of Heaven. To love your neighbor as yourself is such a beautiful, clear religion. It has been said before: religious movements and ancient philosophers, such as Socrates and Plato and their students, have picked up and copied Moses’ words. (Credit never got back to Moses with most philosophical movements.) Indeed, there has always been a Remnant that practiced this True Religion, and many pockets of scattered Saints around the world continue to this day.

But this fact must be known and kept alive in each generation of the True Remnant: there is a huge difference between “added on” and “foundational.” Love of God over man is the foundation of True Religion. There is a drastic difference between an added man-made rule and this fundamental, imperative, crucial teaching that is principal. In the Remnant of the Kingdom of Love, the basis of all decisions is God first and doing unto others as we would have others do unto us. This is a constant mindset that might sound simple, but it takes all your money, mind and matter to accomplish. It will be the death of you—the death of a previous life and the beginning of a new life.


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