Open Your Heart

History of the Love of God
A Priceless Focus
January 26, 2018
History of the Love of God
Heavenly Heart Reconstruction
February 23, 2018

Just as closing the door to humanism and victimization opens the door to the possibility of True Love, closing the door to the sinful opens the door to True Love. When you re-cork the bottle of alcohol, close out the computer window of lust, exit the retail store of materialism, step back from the podium of the praise of man—you will then open up your heart to a spiritual food and drink of love that is stronger than death and something that is as inevitable and profound and as inescapable as the grave…you access a love that will not let you go. The contrast of this new shameless, painless, tearless Connection to the Heavens is more comforting and warmer than a roaring fire. You find that communication with the Heavens is the great reward for closing the door permanently to your stronghold. I cannot shout loud enough about the bliss of answered prayers that builds with your every day of life. Trust this precept…as your relationship with God becomes more tangible, then the world fades away…