Sacrificial Love

Weigh Down Diet Book by Gwen Shamblin
Holiday Meals
November 22, 2013

“Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” – John 15:13

Life is the most valuable thing that we possess, and to forfeit your life means forfeiting your dreams, your agenda, your interests, your ambitions. In John 15, Jesus asks us to give up our life and later says that anyone who saves his life will lose it.

How did Jesus mean for us to fulfill these words? In context, Jesus had just washed his Disciples’ feet and commanded his Disciples to do this for others. While he humbly washed and bathed their tired feet, he told them about his upcoming sacrifice. God was calling him to lay his life down, and he was letting them know that he would no longer be right there next to them. He was more worried about them than he was about himself. He reassured them—and I will paraphrase—“You will be okay, God is going to send His Spirit into each life. It is going to be even better for you. He is going to live right there in your heart. Both of us will come if you obey me…


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